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James Roloff, MBA

Hi, I’m James Roloff.

I’m a sales and marketing consultant. I help companies improve their business development process.

With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, I’ve worked with organizations ranging from small start-ups to publicly traded companies. I enjoy helping clients grow their businesses by implementing better sales and marketing strategies.

Who I Work With:

  • Clients who are doing valuable work. - I work with clients that are doing valuable work. My goal is to help you provide more value to more people.
  • Clients who are experts in their field. - You need to be an expert resource for your target audience. I work with clients who are passionate about their industry, products, and team.
  • Clients with a growth mindset. - To get big results, you have to think big. A growth mindset is required to scale your business development process to the next level.

My Core Principles:

  • Be useful. - I’m outcome-focused. What are the most effective strategies that we can implement to grow your business? Let’s focus on making things happen.
  • Continuous process improvement. - I view everything as the result of a process. Implementing a continuous improvement strategy is how you’ll create sustained growth.
  • Find the signal. - Less is more when it comes to running business strategies. Let’s separate the signal from the noise in your sales and marketing processes.

I hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Edgewood College, with elective coursework in statistics and change management. I also have a Bachelor of Science (BS), where I studied Business and Philosophy.